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Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, the two most common forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), are both chronic relapsing diseases characterized by the inflammation of segments of the gastrointestinal tract.

Only in North America, more than 2 millions of people are suffering from these both debilitating conditions.

More than 40% IBD patients do not tolerate or respond well to current therapies. Currently available medications alleviate inflammation but still do not prevent long term complications. There is a strong need to broaden the therapeutic arsenal with novel orally-administered therapeutic modalities, that could become great alternatives to the use of biologics.

The primary indication targeted by the Company is moderate-to-severe, active ulcerative colitis. Giiant’s lead compound, GT-2108 is a gut-restricted, colon-specific PDE4 prodrug inhibitor. GT-1908 is also a gut-restricted PDE4 inhibitor prodrug, able to deliver the active PDE4 inhibitor more proximally, making this candidate suitable for Crohn’s Disease treatment.

Table of pipeline

Drug candidatetargetGut-restrictedTissue Specificdiscoverypreclinicalphase 1phase 2phase 3
GT-1908PDE4check-iconterminal ileumarrow-icon

Drug Hunting Club

giiant pharma is still looking for new GI-related technologies. The Company created a Drug Hunting Club to identify new promising opportunities to in-license. If you have a technology to propose aligned with our lead asset, please contact us