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toward safer IBD therapies

Treatment-associated side effects can have a significant impact on patient quality of life and treatment adherence. In the context of a life-long medical condition such as IBD, addressing potential tolerability issues becomes even more critical.


improve IBD drug tolerability

giiant pharma develops gut-restricted, small molecule, tissue-specific drug therapeutics for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Precision delivery remains a central focus for the development of new drug therapeutics, with limited systemic exposure for a safer profile while maximizing local action to improve IBD patient care.


orally-delivered | gut-restricted

giiant pharma‘s GastroIntestinal-Induced ANTi-inflammatory technology is a uniquely targeted delivery strategy, developed by two former Merck Frosst scientists, using the bacterial activity of the gut microbiota to bioactivate and release the active drug substance at specific locations in the lower GI tract.

Although orally-delivered, giiant’s drug candidates are not systemically absorbed but remain able to achieve high drug concentrations in the colonic area.


high precision
colonic delivery

giiant pharma aims to become a GI leader in precision delivery technologies, with the ability to develop safer, patient-tailored drug therapeutics with local, tissue-specific delivery or bioactivation. These efforts should provide optimal treatment modalities to patients for various GI diseases and conditions.

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