a team dedicated to gastroenterology-focused technologies

giiant pharma Inc is a Montreal-based biotech company, founded by two former Merck Frosst scientists, and repeat entrepreneurs with a significant depth of expertise in the area of Gastrointestinal drug development. Guided by the concept of Precision Delivery and using its proprietary GastroIntestinal-Induced ANti-inflammatory Technology (GIIANT) the company has developed its lead program GT-2108 for the treatment of moderate-to-severe ulcerative colitis. This approach capitalizes on the enzymatic activity of the colon microbiota to bioactivate the prodrug of phosphodiestherase-4 (PDE4) inhibitor and specifically release the active moiety at the site of inflammation.


Maxime RangerPhD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Maxime went back to his first love and jumped in full time as giiant’s CEO in 2021, after being General Partner at AmorChem. As a serial entrepreneur, Maxime played a leading role in the creation and management of Mperia therapeutics, Inversago Pharma, SemaThera and Neurasic Therapeutics, to name a few.

Elizabeth KwongPhD

Cofounder & Chief Development Officer

CMC expert specialized in formulation development from discovery to clinical stage, Elizabeth cofounded giiant pharma after more than 20 years at Merck Frosst. Elizabeth has supported over 100 pre-clinical candidates and several late-stage candidates including: Singulair®, Vioxx®, Arcoxia®, Laropiprant™, Belsomra® and odanacatib.

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Patrick ColinB.Pharm, PhD

Chief Clinical Officer

Bringing more than 33 years of experience in various corporate environments, encompassing large multinational firms, growing biopharmaceutical companies and biotechs/start-ups, Patrick is an expert in gastroenterology and hepatology preclinical and clinical drug development (Phases 1 to 4).

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Christophe MellonPhD

Vice-president, Discovery & Chemistry

After synthetic organic chemistry training at Université de Montréal and a post-doc at MIT, Christophe benefited from the large number of opportunities offered to innovative medicinal chemists at Merck Frosst. His entrepreneurial spirit let him to contribute significantly to the initial tools necessary to start two medicinal chemistry programs.

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Véronique BérubéLL.B.

Head, Operations & Strategy

Curiosity has been the common thread uniting the different stages of Véronique’s career. Starting as a journalist for TC Media in 2005, she was drawn to politics and worked her way up to the position of Editor-in-Chief. During this time, she assigned tasks and projects to journalists, created editorial boards and outlines and oversaw the planning and conception of both written and visual content to be featured in print and online media outlets.

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Micheline BeauvaisCPA, MBA

Acting CFO

Micheline brings key financial expertise to giiant, acquired throughout her career in the banking industry, as well as during her tenure as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Locus Dialogue Inc. Since 2002, Micheline has been working as part-time CFO for small, venture-backed, technology start-up companies. Her expertise is well recognized throughout the biotech industry (she has 20+ biopharmaceutical companies in her professional portfolio).

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Board of Directors

Elizabeth DouvillePhD

Managing Partner


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Marie LindnerMD

Independent Board member

BioValue Creation, LLC

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Jean-François PariseauMBA


Amplitude Ventures

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Jamie StiffMBA

Managing Director

Genesys Capital

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Maxime RangerPhD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

giiant pharma

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Amplitude Venture Capital deploys a growth model that has successfully been used to build Canadian companies with world-class management teams and scale companies to breakout potential. Amplitude, with offices in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, launched its first private capital fund in November 2019, a $200-million fund that applies a proven, evidence-based approach to investing in leading Canadian precision medicine companies.


Genesys Capital is one of the largest Canadian- based venture capital firms exclusively focused on the life sciences industry. Genesys is focused on building companies in the high-growth sectors of healthcare and biotechnology. Through its expertise and network, Genesys Capital accelerates the development of commercially viable emerging companies that represent promising life sciences investment opportunities.


The Fonds de solidarité FTQ is investing in a better society thanks to its over 700,000 shareholder-savers. Through its private equity and venture capital investments, the Fonds seeks to have a positive impact on society, namely in the health, environmental and innovation sectors. With net assets of $15.6 billion as at November 30, 2020, the Fonds supported over 3,300 partner companies and more than 220,000 jobs.


AmorChem is a leading early-stage venture fund dedicated to creating the next generation of biotech companies from academic research. Since 2011, with $87 million under management, AmorChem has financed over 33 research programs in academia and accelerated the spin-off and creation of several biotech companies, each with its own ground-breaking therapeutic paradigm. Overall it has led to ten startup companies where AmorChem played a role as founding investor.


Theodorus Investment Funds is a venture capital fund active in Belgium and Québec mostly dedicated to seed and early-stage founding, investing in biotech, medtech, digital and engineering applications. Theodorus brings projects numerous key assets helping outstanding researchers and entrepreneurs to create disruptive and innovative companies, with an independent vision oriented towards business and value creation, and a strong network of international experts. Operating since 17 years, Theodorus has €70 million under management in four funds, and has a portfolio of 40 investments.


Anges Québec is a leader in the Québec early-stage investment ecosystem. To date, its 230 Angel Investors have invested more than $117 million in the Québec economy, counting more than 157 companies in its portfolio.


Founded in 2010, Crystal Pharmatech is a technology-driven contract research organization, providing comprehensive solutions in solid-state research, crystallization development, pre-formulation studies and formulation development to large pharma corporations and biotech companies. Based in Suzhou (China), New Jersey (USA) and Toronto (Canada), the company has supported the solid-state research and pre-formulation studies of more than 1500 compounds for over 800 clients from USA and China.


AQC Capital is an early-stage Venture Capital fund with over 150 M$ in assets under management to support Quebec’s start-up ecosystem. Investing alongside successful angels, members of the Anges Québec Network, the AQC Capital team offers active and dynamic support in addition to the capital needed by entrepreneurs to reach new heights. As of today, AQC Capital has invested in 53 innovative companies.


CQDM is a biopharmaceutical research consortium whose mission is to fund the development of innovative tools and technologies that will accelerate the discovery and development of safer and more effective drugs. We bring together world-class pharmaceutical corporations, several Canadian biotech companies, the best scientists from both the public and private sectors, as well as the Canadian and Quebec governments. CQDM’s collaborative approach bridges the funding gap needed to drive innovation across the academic and private sectors, especially where early-stage research is concerned.