GiiAnt Technology




GiiAntthe Gastrointestinal-induced Anti-inflammatory technology, is a unique local delivery strategy that aims at maximizing the therapeutic effect at the site of inflammation while minimizing any potential side effects from systemic exposure.

Potent anti-inflammatory agents have been engineered as a prodrug to target only the colonic area. In this system, the colon-specific carrier covalently bound to the active moiety is enzymatically cleaved off locally by the large intestine microbiota.

Colon-Specific Prodrug

The prodrug is conveniently orally-dosed but poorly absorbed in the upper GIT. Furthermore, the low bacterial activity found in the small intestine, prevents the premature release of the parent active principal. This allows most of the dose to reach the lower bowel while minimizing systemic exposure.

Gut Bacterial Activation

The sharp gradient of bacterial activity between the upper GIT and the lower bowel is used as a very specific trigger to bioactivate the prodrug in the colonic area.

Active Principal Release

The enzymatic breakdown of the covalent bound linking the parent anti-inflammatory agent and the promoiety releases the active principal. This local delivery represents the best strategy to avoid systemic immunosuppression while maximizing the drug concentration at the site of inflammation.

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