Giiant Pharma

“Quality of life should get as much attention as disease management”

Giiant Pharma inc. is a Montreal-based company founded by former Merck Frosst scientists Dr. Elizabeth Kwong and Dr. Bernard Côté. Strong from more than 20 years of experience in the field of industrial pharmaceutical research, we have put together a discovery platform where drug tolerability is the cornerstone of our strategy by opposition to the drug efficacy centric traditional model. Drug tolerability should not be confused with drug safety, which is always a concern for the industry while being scrutinized by regulatory agencies. Drug tolerability issues such as nausea, dry mouth, headache, diarrhea/constipation or mood change have a significant impact on quality of life and treatment adherence. At Giiant Pharma, main efforts are focused on these tolerability issues even in the early phase of drug discovery. This is of particular interest in the context of a life-long medical condition such as IBD where quality of life should get as much attention as disease management. With this objective of minimizing treatment-associated side effects, Giiant has identified a novel and potent oral anti-inflammatory agent that gets delivered specifically (local action) to the lower bowel of the gastrointestinal tract. Why delivering a drug to your brain, heart, liver, skin, muscle and others when only a segment of your intestine is affected? Is it possible to benefit from an anti-inflammatory treatment without suffering the strong immunosuppression from prednisone, azathioprine or injectable biologics? At Giiant Pharma we believe that this is possible with a technology that confines the drug to the sick organ.